An archive of reports, papers and videos related to the water struggle in Mesopotamia.

Water resources in the Middle-East:

United Nations (UN) reports:

Struggles against dams:

Ilisu and international water relations in the Tigris-Euphrates bassin:

The Iraqi Marshes:

Related video-documentaries:

  • “Damocracy”: Monster dams threaten the world’s last free-flowing rivers in Amazonia and Mesopotamia and the people who depend on them. On 19 April the trailer of the Damocracy documentary was launched, debunking the myth of dams as clean energy. Watch and share the trailer here
  • Hasankeyf “Life in Limbo”, a short documentary portraying life in the town of Hasankeyf in Southeastern Turkey, now threatened to disappear by the Ilisu Dam. This dramatic cliffside town near the borders of Iraq and Syria, was once a part of many empires including the Roman, Byzantine, Persian, and Ottoman. Considered an archaeological treasure, it has been inhabited since the 9th Century B.C. and is seen as the finest example of a medieval city in the region. An estimated 8000 caves in the area were once homes to the townspeople.Watch it here